The Key to Victory – x3 XP and Discounts!


Many players have different opinions on the key to victory. Some think it’s about playing aggressively. Others say ambushes and defensive gameplay ensures victory. No matter which opinion or playstyle, one thing will be the same for sure – the fact that you’ll get triple experience for the first victory with each vehicle. But that’s not everything! Stock up on discounted high-tier vehicles this weekend!

These offers will be available in-game from 17 April at 07:10 until 20 April at 07:00 CEST (UTC+2). 

XP on your first victory

15% off all regular heavy and medium tanks, Tier VII to IX

30% off the following Premium tanks:

  Panther/M10, Tier VII, German Premium medium tank (4750  3325)

  Dicker Max, Tier VI, German Premium tank destroyer (2900  2030)