Special: Mobile Invasion

Ring the victory bells – World of Tanks Blitz has successfully invaded! Celebrate our liberation of mobile gaming with this neat little special to boost your tanks and get you off to a great start!

This special will run from 27 June at 07:10 until 30 June 07:00 CEST (UTC+2).


x3 experience for your first win of the day

If you’re new to Blitz and specials this basically gives you three times the XP you would normally get from your first victory!


Discounts on Premium Account

  • 3 days :  350
  • 7 days :   680
  • 180 days :  9,500 
  • 360 days:  13 600 

Having days of Premium Account gives you certain advantages like earning more credits and XP per battle.


Discount on all Tier II-V Premium Vehicles

  • T-15 Tier III German Light Tank
  • T-25 Tier V German Medium Tank
  • T2 Light Tier II American Light Tank

Premium tanks cost gold but they earn more credits in battle.