Teamwork is Crucial Competition

The game is on, the mission simple: Form a platoon with one of your clan mates and crush the enemy team!

As a platoon, you will need to destroy as many tanks as possible, then submit a screenshot of your battle results as proof in the dedicated forum thread (Make sure to switch to the “Team” tab for the screenshot).

The submissions will be ranked by the number of destroyed vehicles your platoon achieved. Submissions with the same number of frags will be ranked by the total damage caused by the platoon.

Only battles fought between the 7th and 12th of January 2016 are valid.

Prizes will be awarded to both players in the platoon:

1st place: 1000 + 3 days of premium time

2nd place: 500 + 2 days of premium time

3rd place: 300

4th -12th place: 150


Get ready for the rampage! Mobilize!