Update 2.10 - Training Room Improvements

Training Rooms are going to change a little with the release of Update 2.10! Don't panic! Below are a list of all the changes and added optional features:

  • Personal invite support implemented for Training Rooms in a way similar to platoon invites. The sender receives a system notification "Invite has been sent!", and the recipient gets an invite notification with an option to go to the Training Room.
  • Team score introduced for Training Rooms.
  • Reset score option added.
  • Chat and an option to switch between chat/queue added.

  • Profanity filter introduced for room names and descriptions.
  • Room name and description character limit added.
  • Credits are now deducted in the case of self-inflicted damage in training battles.
  • Identifying icons are added above the team lists in the Training Rooms.
  • New tooltips added for Training Room participants.
  • Friendly fire option added to the Training Room settings. 
  • Issue with training room list refreshing fixed for cases when the room where the player participated was dismissed.