Update 1.2.0 – New Map, Premium Tanks in the tech tree, and more!


World of Tanks Blitz has been in the garage for a few awesome tweaks and modifications and on Wednesday 27 August we will present Update 1.2.0 in all its glory. With this update come key fixes, highlighted by you, our wonderful community, as well as some brand new features like new maps, tech tree tanks and more!

Please note - when this new version goes live you will have to update your client to be able to benefit. Be sure to check out our guide on how to update World of Tanks Blitz and ensure you have the latest version when it becomes available!



  • Brand new map – "Oasis Palms"

Take a look at this new epic map - a sizzling oasis complete with plenty of sand dunes to launch the perfect ambush!


In tutorial missions and on top devices only (iPad Air, iPad Mini Retina, iPhone 5S):

  • Grass 
  • Animated trees

Many of World of Tanks Blitz’s locations have been made even more atmospheric with the addition of grass textures, animated trees and things that look so pretty you’ll want to put your tracks through them.



These five steel stallions might be familiar if you check out our frequent Store bundles. Now you can also pick them with gold, directly from the Tech Trees!


  • Some changes to match making for low-to-mid-tier tanks.           

The matchmaking for some tanks has been tinkered with to try and address balance issues.



  • Stabilised the game.
  • Fixes to prevent the game from crashing.

There have been numerous changes to the way that the game functions, many of which are largely down to our community of players. Keep on tanking and keep the feedback coming in!


For complete patch notes and to find out more about update 1.2.0, check out our official forums.

Please note – there will be a period of server downtime on 27 August from 02:00 until 06:00 CEST (UTC+2) while the update is being implemented. The game will not be available to play during this time. Please remember to update to the new version as soon as it becomes available.

Players with Premium Account will be compensated with 1 day for free due to this maintenance.