Update 1.3 – New Tanks, Maps, Fixes and Effects!

Version 1.3 is now available! Please enjoy.


More content and a better playing experience is heading your way in World of Tanks Blitz Update 1.3! The update is set to land on 2 October, so make sure this date is in your diary.

Important: from Saturday 4 October at 11:00 and Monday 6 October at 11:00 CEST (UTC +2) will be full days of free Premium Account time for everybody!

(You must have been registered before 4th October at 11:00 CEST in order to benefit from the gift. If you already have a premium account, you will get an additional 48 hours added from 11:00 CEST on Saturday)

In the meantime, take a look at a preview of some of the new features and fixes below: 


New Maps!

  • Lost Temple
  • Black Goldville

Not one but two brand new maps vie for your attention. Do you take to the oil-rich haven of Black Goldville or search for your foes in the mists of the Lost Temple?

New Environmental Effects

  •          Added grass on all maps (for top Apple devices only)
  •          Added fog and landscape illumination effects on all maps.

Your favourite tank will now look even better thanks to the new environmental effects that we have been working on!



New branch of Soviet Heavy Tanks for the USSR Tech Tree!

Pictured: KV-3, KV-4, ST-1, IS-4 and T-150

The World of Tanks Blitz factories have produced another glorious line of Soviet heavies for you to crush things in! Enjoy the research path that sees adaptations of the awesome KV line of tanks as well as the fourth iteration of the IS line – the IS-4. Whoever said sequels were bad?


Numerous changes to tank characteristics

From hit point numbers to reload times, we have analysed how all your favourite tanks are performing. The list of changes is enormous so keep an eye out for the full patch notes which will be available on our forum soon.



Completely reworked battle results screen

The post-battle screen is now clearer and more detailed than ever. Now you can really break down your performance. See our guide on how to share those juicy stats on Facebook!

Much more!

There have been numerous changes to the way that the game functions, many of which are largely down to our community of players. Keep on tanking and keep the feedback coming in! 

Please note – there will be a period of server downtime on from 2 October at 1:00 until 2 October at 6:00 CEST (UTC +2) while the update is being implemented. The game will not be available to play during this time. Please remember to update to the new version as soon as it becomes available.

Players with Premium Account  during the maintenance will be compensated.