Update 1.10: New Features and Release Date


Update 1.10 is set for release on 17 June. Be sure to update your client on the day to enjoy the game and its features. To see a list of what’s new and what has been improved, see the patch notes on the forum.

Please note – Due to the update, there will be a period of server downtime from 17 June at 01:30 until 17 June at 04:30 CEST (UTC+2).

Let’s now take a brief look at some of the new features set to hit the game with Update 1.10, these mainly revolve around two key parts of the game – Crew Skills and Platoons – but also include a change to one of the game’s consumables.

Changes to Crew Skills

The key addition of Update 1.10 is the ability to reset and redistribute XP. By hitting the RESET button, you can use gold to convert existing levels of Crew Skills into Free Crew XP. This Free Crew XP can then be redistributed amongst your existing Crew Skills, or put towards unlocking levels of new ones.

Level of Mastery

Reset Cost












The interface of the Crew Skills screens has also been modified to contain more extensive descriptions of what skills do and how much XP is required to level them up, amongst other things.



Changes to Platoons

Being in a so-called “fail platoon” is a thing of the past as Update 1.10 introduces new limitations on Platoon vehicle selection. Now Platoons can only be created between vehicles that are +1 or -1 Tier from one another. e.g. Tier V vehicles can platoon with Tiers IV to VI vehicles, Tier X tanks can create a platoon with Tiers IX and X etc.

This will prevent instances where low-tier tanks are dragged into games where they are severely under-armoured/under-armed thanks to a higher-tier Platoon-mate.


Bye-Bye Fire Extinguisher - hello, Automatic Fire Extinguisher!

Through your feedback we’re also removing the Fire Extinguisher consumable from the game and replacing it with the superior Automatic Fire Extinguisher. This will be a get-out-of-jail-free card for the first (and hopefully only) time that your tank combusts in battle. This means that any Fire Extinguishers currently attached to your tanks will be replaced free-of-charge with automatic ones when you download the update.