Soviet Reinforcements Arriving! 3 New Tanks for Update 1.11


Fresh from the mighty Soviet production lines come three steel treats to satiate your hunger for steel. Check out our quick previews below as well as a video from a sterling member of the community:


KV-2, Tier VI, Soviet Heavy Tank – special delivery!

The KV-2 is something of a specialist vehicle in the Soviet tech-tree. It certainly doesn’t offer a flexible playstyle but, as the comically huge turret and gun suggest, this beast is a delivery system for shells the size of a small car. Make sure you have some cover to sit out the huge reload and you’ll be laughing in glee when your HE shells connect with your enemy!


KV-13, Tier VII, Soviet Medium Tank – “medium” in name only!

Despite being designated part of the “KV” series of tanks, this is actually a highly mobile medium. The armour inherits the usual thickness of “KV” tanks but the gun is a little lacklustre.


Object 140, Tier X, Soviet Medium Tank the object of my desires

There’s a new Tier X Soviet medium in town! The Object 140 was an experimental medium tank that never left the prototype stage. Here in World of Tanks Blitz, you can expect a playstyle similar to the Leopard 1 but with scaled down armaments in favour of more armour.


The Expert’s Opinion

Community contributor “Spinee” takes you on a tour of these new machines.