Update 1.5.1 – Incoming Fixes and Features

A small update is now available, bringing some key features and fixes to World of Tanks Blitz.

New Features

  • IS-6, Tier VIII Soviet Premium Heavy Tank – added to the tech tree and available for 7600

Added/fixed the following in the crew experience distribution window:

  • Added the percentage display of the new skill.
  • Description of the skill effect now corresponds to the level that the skill is researched to.
  • Fixed the issue with the display of the exclamation mark when all skills are acquired.
  • Fixed the bug with the display of the skill-research progress bar after all skills are acquired.
  • Fixed the bug that reset the acquired skills of users who have an insufficient amount of experience to research all skills.

Other Fixes

  • Restored the old credit-making factor for the tanks E 100, E 50, E 50M.
  • Fixed the display of the British flag.