Update 1.8 : Battle Missions


Version 1.8 introduces lots of new game features, and one of these is the battle missions. In short, you’ll have to complete objectives in battle to earn nice rewards!

How does the new feature work?

After the update, you will find a new button in the top left corner of the garage. Tap it to open the missions menu.

You will receive a set of three missions of different difficulty levels, from easy (cause 400 damage in one battle) to hard (in a platoon, destroy at least four enemy vehicles and cause at least 6,000 damage in one battle). Tap a mission card to get more details on that mission. There will be three different types of missions: Single, Stage, and Platoon.

Single – Those missions have to be completed in a single battle.

Stage – Those have to be completed over several battles.

Platoon – Stage or Single missions that must be completed in a platoon.


How do I complete and receive new missions?

To complete a mission, you simply need to play and fulfill the respective conditions. You will receive your reward right after the battle in which you completed the objective:

Each mission progress or completion will be marked:

New set of missions

Started, but unfinished mission

Completed mission


If you don’t like a mission, you can skip it, meaning that it will be instantly replaced with a new one. For that you need to tap on the “Skip” button on the top right corner of the mission description screen. But watch out, you can do this only once every 24 hours. However, if you complete a mission, the next one will appear when the XP multiplier gets reset. This is also indicated by a timer that you’ll find on the mission screen. Missions that you didn’t finish will stay until you either complete or skip them.

Please note:

Starting with Version 1.8, the XP multiplier no longer is reset three times but twice per day. The exact reset times will be stated in a separate article.


What kind of rewards can I expect?

The main purpose of our missions is to test your skill as a Tank Commander. If you prove to be worthy, you can definitely look forward to the rewards for your efforts. You can get the following types of reward:

 Premium Account


 Free Experience

 Crew Experience



Now you have all the information you need about missions, are you up for the challenge?