One-Click Gameplay for New Players


Starting from the release of Update 1.8, there will be a brand new way of getting into World of Tanks Blitz!

Soon new players will be able to start playing with just one click, without registration using a “demo account” that is automatically created when downloading the game.

The in-game options available to both demo and standard account owners are identical, except for the automatically generated name you get with a demo account. New players will be able to play all tanks and maps by progressing through the tech-trees and even make purchases in the Store!


Demo account credentials are linked to a mobile device whereas a full ID is not. Thus, in the case of technical issues or moving to a new device, your progress may be irretrievable. 


If you are playing on a demo account, you can easily avoid these issues by converting to a standard account. There are several ways to do this:

  • Logging in via Game Center/Google Play

  • Creating a ID

  • Linking your account to Facebook


Doing so will expand the abilities of your account to allow:

  • Playing on any mobile device.
  • Using EU Customer Support to identify your account and help you resolve problems.
  • Selecting your own personalized in-game name.