Update 1.8: Improved Tutorial


Every newcomer wants to become an ace that’s earning tons of medals from the start. But to be that successful, you will first need to start with the basics. In Version 1.8, we improved the tutorial and added many useful hints to make it much easier and more enjoyable for you.


The first steps are the most difficult ones

The first step on the path to become an ace tanker starts with a tough choice: “What nation do I start with?”

In the Battle and Garage tutorial, a new tanker will participate in a few practice battles together with other newcomers, and will also learn basic skills like:

  • correct holding of the device,
  • camera and tank controls,
  • aiming and shooting,
  • researching and purchasing vehicles,
  • mounting equipment,
  • improving crew mastery

That way, the player will become familiar with all the important aspects of the game.

In the Garage tutorial, you will learn more about the tech tree and will purchase a tank of another nation. After that, the tutorial is over and you will get the reward and the full permission to roll out.

In case you are already an experienced commander you can skip all the tutorials and join battles instantly. However, you will not receive the reward for finishing the tutorial.


Pop-ups in the Garage

We have added pop-up hints for players who already know the basics of the game. Those include:

  • Finding particular buttons in the Garage
  • Explanation and usage of Free Experience
  • How to train crew skills
  • Many other useful things

Take a look at following examples: