Update 2.1: Something Heavy This Way Comes!

As you may have inferred from our puzzle game, British tank destroyers are making the slow march to World of Tanks Blitz. The lumbering brutes might start off lightly armoured, but as the line progresses, they increase in armour thickness and weapon power.


A highlight of the low-Tiers is the Valentine AT – this machine comes with a brutalising choice of guns, including a howitzer that, if it hits, can obliterate any similar tiered opponent.

A mid-Tier highlight is the AT 2. This machine sets the pace for the rest of this line of tank destroyers. While the gun is underwhelming, the armour is monstrously thick. This is a true assault gun, simply roll on and crush all before you.

The Tortoise, in Tier IX, rounds off the assault-gun philosophy. This machine is heavily armoured and armed, but its decisive advantage is its rate of fire. The damage-per-minute of this thing is practically off-the-chart!

Tier X sees the FV215b (183) – a machine known in the PC version of World of Tanks as “the Death Star”. While its armour may underwhelm you, after having played the Tortoise, the gun is…well…let’s just say it wouldn’t look out of place on a battleship. Expect to cause enormous craters and maybe even one-shot the odd Tier IX opponent.


English-language Community Contributor Spinee, takes a look at this new line of tanks!