Update 2.11 – New Map: Vineyards


Update 2.11 is bringing you a brand new map straight from Italy, the heart of the Mediterranean Sea – Vineyards. It constituted the background of the puzzle. Were you perceptive enough to notice it?

About the Map

You will battle your way to victory on the plains and knolls of Italy. A mixed setting – you will find two towns, a large open area and a river surrounded by small hills in the centre. The town in the north-west has been devastated by military operations. It’s basically a warzone with ruins and dust everywhere. The city in the opposite corner on the other hand hasn’t been touched by the war – it’s still calm and beautiful, silently waiting for the inevitable to come. Vegetation on the map is scarce, mostly represented by bushes, single trees, and of course, as the name clearly suggests, vineyards.

Overall, any tank available in the game will find its place on this map. Oh, and we almost forgot - this is the first map ever in World of Tanks Blitz to be played at sunset! Hyped already? We certainly are!

Tactical opportunities

Download the tactical mini-map and consider the opportunities you will have for tactics.

Will you choose to fight your opponents head-on in the city alleys or perhaps brawl through the fields and ruins to flank them? The choice is yours, Commanders!