Update 2.2 is on the horizon!

Another month begins and so the wheels of another update are set in motion! Check out the following puzzle game for Update 2.2. Perhaps it contains valuable clues to the nature of the upcoming features?

Remember to hit that “Discuss on Forum” button and chat about your theories and hopes for Update 2.2. As always keep an eye on the news and our Facebook page for lots of upcoming contests from your World of Tanks Blitz community team.

Rise of Continents - reminder

Don’t forget – Europe still needs you! Rise of Continents is a global event that you can take part in simply by playing the game. We have lots of goals set, and if we achieve them, we will be rewarded with prizes including awesome headsets from our partner Sennheiser. For more information (and to see our progress so far) visit the Rise of Continents website.