Clan Changes for Update 2.3

Update 2.3 will bring a series of changes to the ways in which Clans operate. New features and fixes will allow for more fluid recruitment and customisation.


Clan Commanders will be able to set custom parameters and restrictions for the automatic recruitment of players into their Clan.

New Emblems

Forge yourselves an identity with a new selection of standard emblems for Clans, selectable from the Clan Profile. Stick them to your tanks and show the enemy who you are!

Top 3 Players

A new Clan leader board will be viewable on the Clan Profile, showing the Top 3 players in the Clan by Number of Battles per Day, Highest Percentage of Victories and Highest Average Damage.

Changing Roles

Clan Officers will be able to change roles within the Clan with greater ease.

Chat Enhancements

Expandable sections of your Clan Contact list will allow you to easily select contacts. Now you can double-tap on Clan contacts and view their Profile!

More features will be coming with Update 2.3 – keep an eye on the news for more info!