Update 2.7 – New Map: Mirage


A brand new map will arrive in the game alongside Update 2.7. It was “hidden” in the puzzle. Did you manage to guess it?

About the Map

Mirage is a mixed-terrain map, that is situated in sunny Tunisia. The map is divided in half by a diagonal strip of large sandy terrain, with a lot of dunes. The north, however, has more vegetation and a small village with a lake in the middle. A beautiful beach and white sands will await for those of you who venture to the Southern parts of the map. Overall, tanks with good gun depression will feel like at home on the mostly hilly terrains of Mirage. However, there will still be plenty of room for flanking manoeuvres, so no one can feel secure.

Tactical Opportunities

Download the tactical mini-map and work on the tactics that will be the most beneficial for you and your team!

The question is - are you brave enough to take on the new map and battle your way to victory, Commanders?