Update 2.8 – Reworked Winter Malinovka


If you follow the news on our website closely, then you probably remember the Dev Diaries: Map Creating Routine article, where we discussed everything related to map creation. One of the topics concerned Winter Malinovka map that unfortunately has some drawbacks. Therefore, after collecting players’ feedback and analysing tons of data, we promised you changes. And so, what has been a plan so far, will become a reality in Update 2.8! The map has undergone serious changes in order to make it more varied and exciting to play.

Check out the comparison below to see the differences between the old version of the map and the new one.

Before 2.8

After 2.8


Key modifications:

  • The general surface altitude difference has been decreased

  • The windmill is no longer a favourable position

  • The village zone and routes to the windmill have been reworked to be more convenient for heavy tanks

  • The spawns has been dispersed

  • The field has been reworked to be more approachable and playable for medium tanks

  • Tank destroyers’ positions allowing long-distance firing have been significantly reduced