Update 2.9 – A New Level for Clan Supplies


At the moment the Supply Levels in World of Tanks Blitz go from 1 up to 7. Isn’t it about time to introduce more? Yes... Well, in that case we are completely on the same side! Which is why the upcoming update will bring you Supply Level 8! Have a look below to learn what bonuses comes with it and how many points you need to unlock it.

Level 8 20,000,000 Clan Supply Points:

  • Engine Power Boost: 10% discount
  • First Aid Kit: 10% discount
  • Fire Extinguisher: 10% discount
  • Repair Kit: 10% discount
  • Extra Combat Rations: 5% discount
  • Chocolate: 5% discount
  • Case of Cola: 5% discount
  • Pudding and Tea: 5% discount
  • Onigiri: 5% discount
  • Improved Combat Rations: 5% discount
  • Resupplying Multi-Purpose Restoration Pack: 5% discount
  • Vehicle repairs: 5% discount!
  • Purchasing vehicles: 5% discount
  • Ability to buy one Garage Slot for Credits (Level 6 bonus)
  • Adrenaline: 5% discount
  • Ability to buy one Garage Slot for Credits!
  • Buying equipment: 5% discount!

Reminder: Personal Supply Points are each player's contribution to the Clan's Supplies, while Clan Supply Points are the total sum of every clan member's collected Personal Supply Points.

In order to unlock the Level 8 Clan Supplies bonuses for yourself, you will need to gather a certain amount of Personal Supply Points.

  • Access to Level 8: 800,000 Personal Supply Points