Update 2.9 – +/- 1 Matchmaking Implementation


No one will disagree that the Matchmaking is one of the most important game mechanics in World of Tanks Blitz. That’s why we are always seeking possible solutions to improve it. Starting with the latest update, you will notice a significant change to this crucial game mechanic – mainly, you will only be meeting +/- 1 Tier vehicles in your battles. As an example, when playing in a Tier VI tank, the highest vehicle Tier you are going to face will be a Tier VII and the lowest, Tier V.

We have decided to implement this serious change in the name of better team balance and gameplay quality. The test of this version of the matchmaking, which was held in the NA region, showed that most players liked it. However, players’ expectations and opinions in NA might differ from those in the EU. That’s why we want you to fully inspect this new feature for yourselves and form your own opinion about it.

We will be constantly monitoring everything, making sure that the game balance is not negatively affected and we will be actively checking our feedback from you. In a few months, we will run a survey asking about the new Matchmaking, where you will be able to share your thoughts about it with us. All the feedback gathered will be taken into consideration when it comes to the final decision: whether to keep the new version of Matchmaking or revert to the old one.