Update 2.9 – Reworked Black Goldville


Black Goldville is one of the oldest maps in World of Tanks Blitz. It has been added to the map poll in Update 1.3, shortly after the release of the game. The map is simple and pretty straight forward, but, unfortunately, it has some flaws. That’s why, with Update 2.9 on the horizon, we have decided to improve it a bit. The changes should enhance the overall gameplay experience of the map and make it more pleasant to play.

As usual, the bird's-eye view of the old and new version of the map can be found below:

Before 2.9

After 2.9


Key Changes:

  • Spreading forces (sending medium tanks to the field, heavy tanks to the city etc.) should now be more beneficial for the teams

  • Staying in base with tank destroyers will now be less effective compared to pushing with the main allied forces and supporting them

  • Taking over the town will be an important asset for the team that controls it

  • Newly added routes will make playing with medium tanks more enjoyable

  • A terrain elevation level under the “tripod” (top-left corner of the map) has been decreased