Update 2.9 – Training Rooms


The feature you’ve all been waiting for is finally visible on the horizon! We are proud to announce that with the release of Update 2.9, World of Tanks Blitz is going to enrich itself with the Training Rooms functionality!

Ok, but how does it work and what does it look like? Besides of the most obvious possibility to create a Training Room, this brand new feature will allow you to:

  • Edit Training Room’s name, description and choose a map
  • Allocate players in team A or B.
    Additional info: same as in Random Battles, there are no team kills in Training Rooms.
  • Pick a vehicle.
    Additional info: there are no Tier restrictions – have fun in Tier I versus Tier X.
  • Check profiles of the players present in the Training Room
  • View basic information about your Training Room
  • Switch between the Garage and the Training Room swiftly thanks to a dedicated button. Additionally, presence in a Training Room is going to display an additional message in the Garage informing you about this fact.
  • Display your status: "Ready" for a training battle or not.
  • Display a list of players in the queue to your Training Room.
    Additional info: A Training Room can accommodate up to 20 players – 7 in team A, 7 in team B and 6 in the Training Room’s queue.
  • Search for a different Training Room by viewing a list of all created Training Rooms.

At this point you might also wonder who pays for this party – well, rest assured that the only cost generated by Training Rooms is the one connected to vehicle repairs. Creating a Training Room, Consumables, Provisions, Modules and Ammunition are all on the house! What’s more, the discount on repairs from Clan Supplies applies here as well!

Wonder how it all looks like in-game? Check out the gallery below and remember to visit our forums to let us know what you think about this long-awaited feature!