Update 3.0 – Reworked Falls Creek

Transformed Falls Creek

Bigger, brighter and much more tactically diverse – this is all about the reworked Falls Creek map to be released in Update 3.0. It’s more like a whole new location with its own new features and tactics. Take a look at the new Falls Creek map and get ready to try it in battle!

Before 3.0

After 3.0

Download the new minimap in full size!

Everyone on the bridge?

It looks like the good old, but not always successful, tactic of “everyone on the bridge” is over, and here’s why:

  • Now there’s less cover and it will be very hard to find a safe place to sit in a heavy tank.
  • The bridge isn’t the only way to get to the other side: you can also go across the river near the bridge.
  • Fast vehicles can occupy the lower part of the slope of this passage at the beginning of the battle. From there you can always spot bridge defenders and shoot through the central part of the map.

The bridge is still an important location and it would be a mistake to abandon it. However, it is better not to rush there with your whole team, like people used to do on the old version of the map, otherwise you risk being surrounded.

Test the waters, occupy the plant and attack the rear

The central part of the map is now less steep, and it has less water and more cover. If a vehicle is controlled wisely, the commander of a light tank can go round this area in the beginning of the battle and spot the enemy.


There are more industrial buildings, but the base is now situated outside the factory buildings, almost in the centre of the map. It used to be surrounded by the brick buildings and it was impossible to reduce the base capture points from a distance – you had to get close to the enemy. Now, the base can be reached by shells from the bridge area and the cover it provides is now destructible.

The passage behind the factory is now much more attractive to all types of vehicles. It features tank destroyer positions and suits heavy tanks as well. If the enemy makes a mistake and leaves this direction unsupervised, medium and light tanks will have a chance to attack the enemy bridge defenders from the rear.

Fall is coming!

Apart from the vehicles battling, Falls Creek has another fight going on: the fight between summer and autumn. The northern part of the map has a lot of greenery, while the south has more of an autumn feel.


One team spawns on the summer part, while the other on the autumn one. Having two seasons on one map will help players understand where they spawned without looking at the mini-map.

The briefing’s over! While your enemies scratch their heads and figure out where to go on the updated map, you will be already waiting for them in the right spots. Get ready to win in Update 3.0!