Update 3.1 – Clan Tournaments


After the first version of clans, with rather limited functionality, was released, we kept encouraging players to create teams, develop tactics together and upgrade Tier X vehicles. And we had a good reason for recommending this: in Update 3.1 a powerful tool for tournament organization with numerous settings will be introduced. But it will be the job of the developers to move sliders and set parameters, all you need to do is muster a strong team and give your opponents a hard time!

What is a tournament?

Tournaments are clan competitions with prize funds organized by the developers via the tournament management system. Conventional drawing methods, preliminaries, play-off procedures, etc. for sport competitions will be used during tournaments.

Only clan players will be allowed to participate in tournaments, and players will only be able to join teams from their clan. The number of teams from one clan is unlimited, and the maximum number of teams participating in one tournament is 1024.

Each tournament is divided into the following phases:

  1. Announcement.
  2. Registration of teams.
  3. Drawing: preparing tournament brackets and battle schedule.
  4. Carrying out tour matches and stages (their number depends on regulations applied to the particular tournament).
  5. Preparing tournament brackets and battle schedule based on the stage results.
  6. End of the tournament and distribution of awards.


This doesn’t mean that the first tournaments will start right after the release of Update 3.1, but we promise that you won’t have to wait long! You still have some time to prepare for the competition!

How can I participate?

After the release of Update 3.1, the Tournaments button will appear in the main menu. The tournament menu will be rather empty immediately after the update, but when the first tournament starts, things will get more interesting:

In the menu you will find information about the tournament prize fund and regulations. You will also be able to tap the "Participate" button right here and start forming your own team. Please note that the game client will contain the short version of tournament regulations. To see the full text, tap the World of Tanks Blitz logo at the bottom of the screen, this will take you to the portal.

Any clan player can create a team. This player becomes the Captain of the team and receives the ability to send invites to clanmates and select team members from the list of candidates. To send an invite, tap the button in the bottom left corner of the screen.


Is your team ready? Tap “Register”!

To register your team, set it up in accordance with the tournament requirements. The standard team composition is 7 regular players (required minimum) and 3 reserve players (optional). The Captain decides before each battle who will be a regular player, and who will be in reserve.

Important! After the registration, changing the team name or composition is not allowed. As a last resort, you can cancel the registration, change the team composition and try to register again. But if the system records the maximum number of teams by that time, the registration will be closed. If any team cancels its registration before the official closure, another team will have an opportunity to take its place.


On the Matches tab, you will see the schedule for the upcoming battles of the current tour, and between the tours – the results of the previous tours.

Five minutes before the match starts, all team members receive personal invites. To join the battle, each player of the team needs to accept the invite. If you cannot find your invite, open the News menu and go to the Tournaments tab. There you will see your invite – go on and tap “Accept”!

Remember the start time of your next battle (you can even set an alarm) and enter the game beforehand.

The tournament room menu is almost identical to the menu for training rooms that you already know. Select a vehicle that meets the regulations, go back to the room and tap “Ready”.

Breaks between battles can be short, so don’t forget to tap “Ready!” ASAP.

Battles start automatically according to the schedule. The following conditions should be met for the battle to start:

  • The number of players selected by the Captain for the battle complies with the regulation limitations.
  • The selected vehicles comply with the regulations.
  • All players of the team have tapped the “Ready” button.

If any condition is not fulfilled, the team will receive a technical defeat. If both teams do not comply with the regulation requirements, both of them will receive a technical defeat. Please be attentive!


As it was with clans and training rooms, the first version of tournaments is only the beginning. With every update, the interface, system, and content of tournaments will become more and more effective, usable, and diverse. Unite in clans, create teams, train hard – victories and awards are waiting for you!

Why are tournaments and other major features introduced gradually? Dmitry Poliyakov, project manager, sheds some light on the issue in Dev Diaries, using clans as an example.