Update 3.1 – Module Research Without Spending XP


In Update 3.1, all unresearched modules for any vehicle, except Tier I, can be instantly purchased with gold by tapping the Instant Upgrade button. This button can be used when a vehicle has just been researched, to mount the top configuration of modules on the vehicle at once, or when some modules have already been researched, in order to obtain missing modules without spending XP.


  • The upgrade cost is calculated for every tank individually and depends on the amount of XP needed to research the remaining modules:
    100 = 10.
  • If you want to research all the modules and save gold, we recommend researching some modules for XP. This way, you will reduce the cost of the instant upgrade for gold.
  • The Instant Upgrade button can only be used for module research. To research a vehicle in a Tech Tree, players will need to spend XP.

This new option does not provide any advantage. It only allows players to skip the research of “stock” modules, to speed up their in-game progress.