Update 3.3 – Tournaments Improvements

Tournaments in Update 3.3: Supremacy and Result Charts

World of Tanks Blitz tournaments were released only two months ago, but thousands of players from hundreds of clans have already competed against each other, just like in large-scale sporting events. The best teams from each region will travel to New-York to participate in the exciting offline finals of the Blitz Twister Cup tournament. And many competitions, big and small, are yet to come.

In Update 3.3, the tournament system will be greatly improved: any player will be able to see the results of the previous battles, and the developers will have an option to run tournaments in Supremacy mode.

See the details about these and other features below...

Prove your Supremacy in the tournaments!

Starting with Update 3.3, tournaments will also be available in Supremacy mode. This additional mode will make battles more unpredictable and encourage players to use a variety of tactics.

We will be able to combine both modes in one tournament: the group stage may be held in Encounter Battles mode and the play-offs in Supremacy mode.

Display of Battle Results

We have made it even easier to follow the competition results: just tap the Chart button on the tournament screen to see all the battle results in one place!


A tournament chart for the current tournament contains the following team lists:

  • Teams eliminated from the tournament with the teams’ names and rounds in which they were eliminated.
  • Competing teams with groups (if any) and the number of points they have earned (for the Round Robin system).

The chart is updated every five minutes, so the information may need to be refreshed after a few minutes.

The battle schedule and tournament brackets are also available in the Blitz Assistant.

Other Changes

Players used to have difficulties with inviting players to a team they had just created. This happened when there were no places left for participation in the tournament. Now, invites will be available to players any time before registration closes.

Registration can close not only when the time runs out, but also when the team limit is reached. And, if a team cancels its registration before the registration officially closes, it will automatically open again, and this place will become available.

Details on the Blitz Twister Cup offline finals and new tournaments are coming. For now, let’s welcome Update 3.3 and prepare for the new challenges!