Update 3.3 – A Bonus For a Valiant Effort

Coming Soon: A bonus for a Valiant Effort!

There are battles where it seems like you’re standing alone against the entire enemy team. What happens to your allies in these cases is a mystery. Maybe some of them were distracted by an urgent phone call, others have a low battery. Anyway, don’t be too harsh on your teammates!

To encourage players who are able to single-handedly destroy half of the enemy team, defend the base, and block thousands of HP of damage, we introduced a reward for a valiant effort, starting from Update 3.3.

How does it work?

As you may have noticed, after a defeat, the losing team not only worsens their mood statistics, but also receives less experience and credits for the battle.

Now, the most effective players from the losing team will receive the same amount of experience and credits as if they were winners. Players who received one or several medals from the list below are considered players that made valiant efforts:

  • Any of the Epic Medals
  • Brothers in Arms and Crucial Contribution Platoon Medals
  • Battle Hero Medals

In Update 3.3, two new Battle Hero achievements will be introduced: Sniper Tanker and High Caliber. The Sniper achievement will be transferred to Honorary Ranks and will not be awarded anymore.

The reward for valiant effort may be granted to several players, and bonus experience received will be considered when awarding Mastery badges.

What does it look like?

If you fought the 300 Spartans all at once, and received one of the above-mentioned medals, you will see a vivid congratulatory ribbon on the post-battle statistics screen.

This is how it looks in the game:


Information about the accrued bonus is available in the detailed statistics for experience and credits:



Even if a battle seems like a total loss from the beginning, now there’s a reason to fight to the end!