Update 3.4 – Dynamic Display of Vehicle Characteristics


How do you know if the equipment is useful for your vehicles? How much more powerful will your tank be with the provisions that you’ve selected? Let the numbers answer these questions in Update 3.4!

The new feature, called Dynamic Display of Vehicle Characteristics, shows how provisions and equipment impact vehicle characteristics before you even mount them, and also helps you evaluate how useful they are for each particular vehicle.

How does it work?

Let’s take the IS-3 with the top 122 mm BL-9 gun and 100% trained crew as an example. In this case, the aiming time is 7.9 s. Here’s how this parameter will change if we gradually mount provisions and equipment on the tank:

  • Initial aiming time: 7.9 s
  • With Condensed Milk (−0.2 s): 7.7 s
  • With Extra Combat Rations (−0.3 s): 7.4 s
  • With Improved Ventilation Class 3 (−0.1 s): 7.3 s
  • With Enhanced Gun Laying Drive (−0.7 s): 6.6 s
  • With Vertical Stabilizer Mk 2 (−0.6 s): 6 s.


This way, we can reduce the IS-3’s aiming time by almost two seconds. But, of course, it’s the commander who gets to decide if this is useful.

Small value changes are rounded to zero and aren’t displayed.

Why does the IS-3 take 7.9 seconds to aim?

To calculate vehicle characteristics in the game, the following two algorithms are applied:

  • The server checks vehicle settings and is responsible for vehicle behaviour in battle.
  • The game client processes the same settings to display them in the interface using units of measurement that are familiar to players.

With the introduction of “dynamic technical characteristics”, we have updated the algorithm for their visualization in the interface. The displayed parameters became more accurate and now correspond completely to those used by the server in battles. In reality, the vehicle parameters haven’t changed in version 3.4 as compared to version 3.3.

Is it hard to believe? Note the IS-3 aiming time right now and you will see that the tank aims for longer than is indicated in the characteristics.

Are grousers really useful?

Initially, we planned to display more parameter changes than those introduced in Update 3.4, so you should take into account the following:

  • Additional grousers increase passability on soft and medium terrain only, and in vehicle characteristics the calculations are presented for hard terrain. So it may seem that there is a negative effect on the tank’s dynamics, but this is not actually the case, as grousers improve vehicle passability.
  • Many bonuses (such as repair speed or ammo rack durability) are displayed only in the descriptions for equipment or provisions, and are not shown as a change in vehicle characteristics. But these bonuses still have an effect in battle, so they should not be ignored.

See you tomorrow in version 3.4!