The Grass is Greener – new graphics customisation options


Whether you want to boost your frame rate (FPS) or want to see even more luscious blades of grass stroke your tank as you roll across fields, Update 2.0 is here to help. With a new range of graphics customisation options, you will soon be able to control a range of in-game special effects.

For high-spec players

Your high-end devices will soon have the option to turn on dazzling water effects, dynamic grass and swaying trees. Just be sure to avoid getting distracted or you might be easily flanked!

For modest-spec players

Nothing should come between you and the game! If you’re using a device with more modest specifications, simply turn down or switch off any effects that are lowering your frame rate. This way you can take advantage of high-spec players who are caught out by the dazzling prettiness of the world around them.