Map Preview – Port Bay


Did you notice the windmill in the puzzle game we sent you? Well, it was a little teaser for a brand new map that will launch with Update 1.10.

Welcome to Port Bay – this Americana-laden town comes complete with docks, urban areas and even some hills to the north.

It is a truly tactical map thanks to the multiple terrain types on show and will be available to play for vehicles Tier III to Tier X.


Check out the mini-map below to get an idea of the tactical layout of Port Bay.

You can even download a larger version so you can plan your own tactics on the bus, or in a café, or wherever you are!

The Expert’s Opinion

Check out the following map guide by Spinee who offers an expert opinion on what to expect in game.

Hit the “Discuss on Forum” button and let us know your own grand strategies for winning a battle on Port Bay!