British and American Reinforcements Incoming! 2 New Tanks for Update 1.11


Two upstanding citizens of the front are on their way into a battle near you! Check out our previews of these new machines and then check out the Expert’s Opinion section for a tour with one of our community contributors:


Churchill Gun Carrier, Tier VI, British Tank DestroyerFrankenstein with a sniper rifle

What do you get when you fit an assortment of big guns to the hull of a Churchill heavy tank? This tank destroyer may look weird and move slowly, but it has a variety of beastly weapons that pack a punch with both a high rate of fire and alpha damage.


M4A3E2 Sherman Jumbo, Tier VI, American Medium TankSupersize me

Up-armoured to the max, this tank is a true “wolf in sheep’s clothing.” The Sherman Jumbo is a powerful assault variant of the mobile Sherman medium tank. Troll your enemies with ridiculous frontal armour and a turret so strong that Superman would break a nail trying to remove it.


The Expert’s Opinion

Community contributor “Spinee” takes you on a tour of these new machines.