Update 1.5 - The British Are Coming!

Make yourself a nice cup of tea, polish that picture of the Queen and get ready for a whole new nation in World of Tanks Blitz - the British are coming!

This first line of British light and medium tanks will offer new and unique gameplay styles to experienced and novice tankers alike.


Gameplay Overview

This tech-tree branch starts with the Vickers-manufactured line of cruiser tanks. These light tanks are known for their interesting weaponry (including anti-aircraft guns!) and their low armour but decent speed and manoeuvrability values. The cruisers culminate in the stunning Cromwell and Comet cruiser tanks at Tiers VI and VII – super-fast, flanking mediums for breaking through enemy lines. The branch culminates in heavier mediums from the Cold War era – the Centurion tanks and experimental FV4202 – that use high damage per minute values and superb engine power to out-play opponents.

Do any of these beasts fit into your battlefield plans, tankers?