New German Medium Line


As the key art for Update 1.9 suggested, a German tank line leading to the superb Leopard I will be introduced to the game. Many of these fierce machines will provide a contrast to the feel of other German tanks in the game while retaining some nation-specific characteristics like good accuracy.

Leopard I – The King of the Cats?

German tanks are well known for taking the names of wild cats. The Leopard I, for many players, might be the king of them all. True to its animal namesake, the tank is highly agile and can access hard-to-reach positions long before the enemy. With a superb view range and sniper-levels of accuracy, this is a natural predator. However, the Leopard I is barely armoured at all – the price you have to pay for all the positives of the machine.

Enjoy unlocking and battling these beasts in the near future.