Update 2.1 – Find Your Battle Buddies with Clan Chat!

World of Tanks Blitz Update 2.1 will introduce a Clan Chat feature. This will allow you to discuss your plan of attack with fellow Clan members in a separate channel on the Garage Screen.

Key Features of Clan Chat

  • Clan Chat will show messages from players, who are also members of the Clan you belong to.
  • Messages of the Clan Commander and Deputy, as well as your own messages will be highlighted with a different colour.
  • The list of offline Clan members is located on the left part of the screen. There will also be an indicator of online players, e. g. Online 6/46 (meaning that 6 out of 46 Clan members are online).
  • New chat messages are placed at the top of the screen and old ones at the bottom.
  • If the Clan Chat tab is inactive, you will see an indicator of unread messages on it.
  • The Clan Chat tab will be visible even to non-Clan players.
  • It is a useful way to join Clans or, if you are already a Clan member, find an online Clan-mate and invite them to Platoon.

For more information on Clans, see the initial announcement.

With this much organisation available to Clans, surely it’s time you signed up?