Update 2.2 – Changes to Crew Skills and a Map

According to the Japanese principle of kaizen, World of Tanks Blitz will constantly seek ways to improve! Ok, so that was maybe a little dramatic, but we hope you’ll agree that the following changes will make for smoother tanking and new challenges:

Desert Sandsreworking the tankers’ oasis.

Desert Sands has been reworked to feature improved terrain, objects and foliage, updated sounds and other improved effects.

  • Improvements to map objects included reworked barrels and boxes, aircraft size and position, fence textures, colour schemes for small rocks, textures of train wheels and other general improvements across the map.
  • Changes to effects include railway effects, the lighting for some buildings and general improvements to effects across the map.
  • Fixed an issue with small-sized vehicles getting stuck in the flowerbeds near the mosque.
  • Other improvements: map border lines made clearer, map passability improved, railway tunnel view improved, railway line junctions fixed, and several buildings adjusted.

Adding Level 6 to Crew Skillsturning it up to 11!

Level 6 will be added for each of the existing Crew Skills, giving you something more to fight for! The effect of each Skill on the performance of your tank increases proportionally with each Level. For example, when you upgrade the Mentor Skill to Level 5, you receive a 5% bonus to any Crew Experience earned. This Skill upgraded to Level 6 will give a 6% bonus and so on.

You may use any Free Experience you have earned, as well as Crew Experience earned on a vehicle of the qualifying class, to upgrade a Skill to Level 6. The reset price for a Level 6 Skills will be 2900. In addition, the reset prices for other levels of Crew Skill will also be changed accordingly.

The amount of XP required to earn new levels of a Crew Skill have also been reworked according to the following table:

Crew Skill Level

Previous Amount of Crew XP required to fully Master

New Amount of Crew XP required to fully Master


17 000

25 000


34 000

50 000


68 000

100 000


200 000



680 000

624 000 (less XP required!)



1 000 000


Please note - After the update’s release, you will maintain your progress for any Skills that you have already mastered. Upgraded prices will be changed only for training those Skills that you have not already mastered.