World of TOONks Blitz is coming!


A big change is coming to World of Tanks Blitz... but, let’s start from the beginning.

Some of you who also play World of Tanks on console might remember the special Holiday Mode – Toy Tank Battles. Everyone had a great time with this “humorous” mode, right? But was it really just a bit of fun? The answer to that question is NO! This mode was in fact a secret public test to see how players would react to such graphics and gameplay. Since over 99% of players who participated in the “test” really enjoyed the mode, we have decided to implement it into World of Tanks Blitz.

After several extensive meetings with Wargaming's Senior management, as well as some of our most trusted, and influential, YouTubers – all aged 9-12 – we were ready to make our brainstorming session a reality! Awesome ideas, unusual suggestions and overwhelmingly positive feedback were coming from every part of the meeting room, especially from our young video makers. And so, after 24 long, but definitely worthwhile, hours, we have all come to the same conclusion: that the cartoon graphics and gameplay won’t be implemented just as an optional game mode … It will be a permanent feature of World of Tan… , sorry, World of TOONks Blitz! Starting with Update 3.0, the entire game engine is going to be completely revamped, featuring new graphics and more forgiving gameplay mechanics.

We truly hope you are as excited as we are! Check out the picture below to have a little sneak peak of the new “look” of the tanks in-game: