GUIDE: Equipment

Every vehicle in World of Tanks Blitz has its strong and weak points. Equipment can help you to customize your vehicle to either match your play style, to take advantage of its positive characteristics or to minimize its drawbacks.

The player can mount up to three equipment items on each vehicle. Equipment is purchased with credits and mounted by tapping the Equipment section, just below the selected tank in the Garage.

Equipment is mounted in the Garage before entering the battle, and, unlike consumables, it remains after the battle. Thus, after you have mounted equipment on your vehicle, you will be able to use it until you sell the vehicle or the equipment itself. Equipment is not permanent and can be sold and swapped as you please. Experiment with different setups and see how they change the ways that your favorite tanks perform.

Additional Grousers+10% to performance on soft terrain; +5% to performance on moderately soft ground.

Fill Tanks with CO2. +50% to fuel tank durability.

Camouflage Net. −25% to detection chance when the vehicle is stationary.

"Wet" Ammo Rack. +50% to ammo rack durability.

Tank Gun Rammer. −10% to loading time.

Coated Optics. +10% to view range, up to a range of 500 m.

Spall Liner. +15% to armor protection from ramming and explosions.

Enhanced Suspension. +10% to suspension load capacity; increased suspension durability.

Vertical Stabilizer. +20% to accuracy during movement and turret rotation.

Binocular Telescope. +25% to view range for a stationary vehicle, up to 500m.

Improved Ventilation. +5% to all crew skills.

Enhanced Gun Laying Drive. +10% to aiming speed.

Cyclone Filter. +50% to engine durability.

Toolbox. +25%to repair speed.


When purchasing equipment, please note:

  • Equipment availability varies depending on the vehicle. Not all of the equipment listed above will be available for every vehicle. e.g. not all tanks can install Additional Grousers.
  • Equipment cost varies depending on the vehicle’s tier.
  • Equipment cannot be transferred from one vehicle to another.
  •  Equipment is often discounted as part of our weekly in-game Specials.
  • Selling equipment (or the vehicle it is mounted on) will give you 50% of its current purchase cost.