GUIDE: Crew Skills - Compensation


After reading the introductory article on crew skills, many of you might ask the question “what happens to all the crew experience that I earned before the release of update 1.5?” We have good news for you! You will retain all crew experience earned! When you first enter the game after the update, you will see the skill distribution window.

Remember: crew skills will not come into effect until all accumulated experience has been distributed.

When you open the crew experience distribution window, you will see skills divided into 4 categories: light, medium, heavy tank skills and tank destroyer skills, corresponding to the type of vehicle. You will have a certain amount of crew experience to distribute to each skill category (if you have already played in all types of vehicles) that is.

When distributing crew experience, please note:

  • When you master a skill to 100%, your experience will be spent irretrievably and the skill will be effective for all types of vehicles.
  • If you have not mastered a skill to 100%, then the experience will remain invested in the selected skill until it is completely mastered. You may change the skill that you are training and re-invest the experience into it as long as it is in the same category (after you have distributed all accumulated crew experience).

You can reset skills and acquire new skills until you have distributed all earned crew experience. After you have distributed all available crew experience, you will be able to continue skill training as normal.