GUIDE: Crew Skills – Introduction


In Update 1.5 an important and much-anticipated feature was implemented: crew skills. There are 18 of them, each including certain bonuses that will improve vehicle characteristics, make certain aspects of tanking more fluid or just serve you well in the heat of battle.

Mastered Skills Last a Lifetime

The most important thing to know is that mastered skills are not restricted to a particular vehicle or nation: all skills are acquired by the crew. In World of Tanks Blitz you have only one crew with different levels of mastery in controlling different vehicles. Thus, completely mastered skills are permanently effective for all types of vehicles.

Be aware - you cannot reset skills and replace them with new ones. So we recommend that you first train the skills matching your preferred play style.

Skill-Training Essentials

Firstly, you can train a crew’s skills only in vehicles that they already have a mastery level of 100% in.

Secondly, for training purposes, the skills are divided into 4 groups depending on the type of vehicle: light, medium, heavy tank, and tank destroyer skills. You can simultaneously train up to four skills: one for each type.

For example, to train the Hasty Shot skill, play in a light tank.

This does not mean that there are no other ways to master the Hasty Shot skill. Let’s assume that you steer clear of light tanks and prefer playing in heavy tanks. Once you have mastered all the skills available for heavy tanks, then crew experience earned on a heavy tank in subsequent battles will be evenly distributed among the skills for other types of vehicles.

Lastly, skills come into effect after they themselves have been mastered to 100%.

Please note that during skill training experience is accumulated and you can re-invest your experience from this category into another skill of the same category for free. Once the training progress bar has reached 100%, experience will be spent, and the fully mastered skill will come into effect.

Practice Makes Perfect

Each skill has five levels of development. The effect of the skill and the amount of experience required for its further improvement increase at every level:

  • Level I—17,000 
  • Level II—34,000 
  • Level III—68,000 
  • Level IV—200,000 
  • Level V—680,000 

There are no restrictions applied to skill training. If you are eager enough, you will be able to train all available skills to Level V.

Making a Beeline

There are several ways to accelerate skill training.

  1. Experience multipliers: х2, х3 and х5. You earn several times more experience per battle, thus increasing your crew experience faster.
  2. Mentor skill trained to level V increases crew experience by 5%.
  3. Free XP. The Free Experience to crew experience exchange rate is 1:2. So you can completely master a skill to Level 1 for 8,500 Free XP. This procedure is free, so there is no need to spend any additional gold or credits.

  4. Premium Account increases by 50% both the credit profit and experience earned in a battle, thus increasing crew experience as well.
  5. If you started playing World of Tanks Blitz before the release of Update 1.5, you will already have a certain amount of crew experience which you can distribute to train skills. Learn about how in our other guides linked below.