GUIDE: Game Settings

The flexible interface offered by World of Tanks Blitz allows you to customize the game according to personal preference. You can change the sensitivity and arrangement of controls, sound effects volumes, auto-aim settings and even the markers that identify allies and enemies.

To change game parameters, tap the Menu button in the left corner of the Garage screen and select Settings. The Settings screen contains three sections: General, Controls and Marker.


This category includes the main game settings, as follows:

  • Consumables Position (Left/Right). Determines the position of the consumables panel on the battle screen.
  • Layout (Right-handed/Left-handed). Displays horizontally all interface elements except the consumables panel, depending on the settings selected by the player.
  • Joystick (Static/Split). Changes the joystick appearance. The static joystick is fixed on the screen in the position set in the Controls section. The split joystick appears when you tap the screen. The second fire button is unavailable for the split joystick.
  • Auto-Aim (On/Arcade/With Button/Off). Regulates auto-aim settings. On: the reticle automatically follows the locked target. Arcade: the reticle automatically follows the locked target in Arcade Mode only; while in Sniper Mode Auto-Aim is disabled. With Button: allows for enabling and disabling Auto-Aim during the battle separately for Sniper and Arcade Modes. Off: the reticle never follows the locked target automatically.
  • Push notifications (All/Important/Off). Filters notifications received by the player. All: the player will receive all notifications related to World of Tanks Blitz in order not to miss any information. Important: the player will be notified of the most important events only. Off: the player will not receive any notifications.
  • Second fire button (On/Off). Enables or disables a second fire button, which is displayed opposite to the main fire button.
  • Minimap (On/Off). Shows or hides the minimap during the battle.
  • Lookout area (On/Off). Enables or disables the area, allowing the player to look around without rotating the turret.
    In this section you can also adjust camera and joystick sensitivity, adjust audio volume, and find out more information about the game. For now, this information is available in English only.
  • Volume Adjust the volume level with the slider.
  • Grass in Sniper Mode (On/Off) You may wish to the high-end grass settings based on the performance of your device.


On this screen you can see all controls available during the battle. Please note that you might have already disabled some of them in the General section. Tap any of the controls to change their position within the area highlighted in green. You will also see a slide-bar that lets you change the size of the selected element. Customize the battle interface to make the game more comfortable for you.


On this screen you can adjust the player markers displayed above vehicle during the battle. There are markers for three types of vehicles: allied, enemy, and destroyed.

For each of these markers you can customize the following parameters:

  • Icon
  • Player name
  • Tier
  • Hit points
  • Model
  • Tank type

Default Settings

Each of the sections contains the Default button at the bottom of the screen. Use this button to reset all parameters in the section to default.