GUIDE: Matchmaking System

Every time you tap the “Battle!” button, you are placed in the queue of players awaiting a battle. In the queue, the matchmaking system divides the waiting players into teams according to a set of goals and sends them to the battlefield.

Matchmaker Goals

  • Team equality

The main goal of the matchmaker is to form teams that are as balanced as possible.

  • Interesting team composition = interesting gameplay

Different tanks have different roles on the battlefield. The matchmaker seeks to ensure variety in the types of vehicles on the battlefield so that the battle gameplay and tactics remain varied from start to finish.

  • Short waiting times

It’s not fun to wait for ages for a game, so the system seeks to create teams as quickly as possible.

What does the matchmaker consider?

The main factors taken into account during matchmaking include:

Vehicle Tier

Most vehicles will get into a battle against similarly tiered vehicles.The general rule is two tiers above and below.

For example: a Tier VIII tank can battle against vehicles ranging from Tier VI to Tier X.

There are exceptions:

  • Tier I tanks can only meet vehicles of Tiers I and II.
  • Tier II to IV tanks can only fight vehicles one tier higher or lower than themselves.
  • Certain premium vehicles are treated differently by the matchmaker.

For example: The IS-6 Tier VIII Soviet Premium Heavy Tank only sees vehicles up to Tier IX. Yet, two other Tier VIII Premium heavy tanks - the Löwe and the T34 - are balanced the same way as non-premium Tier VIII vehicles and can see Tier X.

The Map

The selection of battle map also depends on vehicle tier:

  • Tier I vehicles can fight on three maps: Rockfield, Mines, and Desert Sands.
  • Tier II vehicles fight on all of the aforementioned maps as well as on the Copperfield map.
  • Tier III vehicles additionally fight on the following two maps: Fort Despair and Middleburg making 6 maps in total.
  • Starting from Tier IV, battles can take place on any of the 12 maps.

(As more maps are added to the game, so they will be designated to vehicles of certain tiers.)


If the entire platoon is in a queue, it will be placed into the battle according to the vehicle of the highest tier. So it is advisable to form a platoon of vehicles of the same tier. There are on-screen indications when selecting tanks for a platoon that you can use to see how suitable each choice of vehicle is. See out Guide to Platoons for more information.

Ideally, the matchmaker tries to create two complete teams of seven players each and ensure that the three top tanks on each team are of the same vehicle tier.

Time in the Queue

The more time you spend in the queue waiting for a battle, the less strictly the matchmaker will try and achieve its goals.

After 3 minutes in the queue have expired, the matchmaker will try to create a battle with fewer players on the teams but never less than 3 vs 3. The number of players on each team will always be equal. In such battles, a minimum of two top tanks on each team should have the same tier.

If the waiting time exceeds 5 minutes, the player will automatically leave the queue. In such cases, we recommend that you select a vehicle of another tier and try again.

What does the matchmaker not consider?

It is important to know that matchmaker does not currently consider the following factors:

  • Nation and class of the vehicle
  • Vehicle configuration: mounted modules, equipment, consumables
  • Crew mastery level
  • Player’s statistics