GUIDE: Modules


Have you ever asked yourself what modules should be on top of your “to research” list? Don’t worry, we’ll explain the four researchable modules of any tank and show you, which one should be the first in line.


This is the most important module in your tank. A bad gun means low damage, low damage means little XP and this again means that you’ll have to spend more time researching the modules and tanks. That’s why you should go for a better gun first. The gun affects the Firepower and Shot Effectiveness stats but watch out – a high value in Firepower is great but not if the Shot Effectiveness is low. You have to select a gun that has good Firepower as well as Shot Effectiveness.


Let’s take the T20 as an example:

You can mount either a 90 or 105 mm gun. You might think the sensible option would be to fit the bigger gun - at first glance the stats look great: 100% Firepower! However, the Shot Effectiveness stats are extremely low due to the penetration value of 53 mm. Of course, this is a howitzer with HE ammunition but it’s simply not enough for Tier VII. That’s why you should go for the 90 mm gun even though it’s a smaller calibre because it has good Firepower AND Shot Effectiveness.


Sometimes you can’t research a better gun if you don’t have the fitting turret for it. Besides that, a better turret mostly has either better armour, more HP, better gun performance or even all together.

A nice example would be the American T32:

While the first turret has rather bad armour for American standards, the second one is a great improvement as it features increased armour, HP and rate of fire. However, it does weigh more which will affect other areas of the tank if they haven’t also been upgraded.


First turret

Second turret

Structure (HP)

1400 HP

1550 HP

Armour in mm (Front/Sides/Rear)



Rate of fire

4.95 shots/min

5.88 shots/min


9500 kg

12200 kg


Also an engine upgrade shouldn’t be underestimated. Every vehicle type profits from a better engine, even heavy tanks. Not just that – often the chance of an engine fire gets reduced as well. What many people don’t know is that a better engine increases the hull traverse speed too. Also, the better your engine is, the more it can take before it gets destroyed.


It is true that many players prefer to not upgrade the suspension and save the XP for the next tank in line. It’s completely understandable that increasing the hull traverse speed by a mere 2° per second may look underwhelming.

However, better suspension offers much more than that. It improves hidden parameters such as:

  • HP of your tracks
  • Track repair speed
  • Crossing capacity (performance on different terrain types)

So spending some XP on the tracks is definitely a good investment, especially when driving quick and agile tanks.

As you can see, every module brings an important improvement to the tank, therefore they’re always worth the research.