GUIDE: Platoons

Battles in World of Tanks Blitz are fast, furious, and require clever coordination. Sometimes you need a partner to help you exact that perfect flanking manoeuvre, or to spot enemy vehicles so you can take them down! If you’re in need of a way to ensure you never roll alone, the answer is simple: Platoons. You can take one ally with you into random battles as a unit, allowing you to cause untold battlefield carnage together. After all, there is strength in numbers!

How to Platoon

  1. Open the Menu in the top left of the Garage screen and choose the Platoon option. Here you can see online Friends or search for a random player to invite. Tap on a player’s name to send them an invite to join you.
  2. Your friend will get an invite notification. To confirm joining the Platoon, they will need to click the invitation.
  3. Remember to coordinate your vehicle choices; try to pick the same tier vehicles as the other member of your Platoon. Once one of you have chosen a vehicle and clicked on Ready, your platoon mate will see an indication on the tank select bar telling them if that tank is a good match or not (or vice versa, depending on who picks a tank first).
  4. You can always change your mind before launching a battle by clicking on Cancel.
  5. To go into battle, both of you should be ready, the person who created the platoon will be able to click the regular Battle button.
  6. To disband your Platoon, click the Dismiss button in the upper right hand corner of the screen.

Alternatively, go to the Chat then either select one of the online players on your Friends and Contacts list or enter a user name in the search bar. Once you found/selected a player you want to create the platoon with click on the Create a Platoon button in the upper right corner of the screen.

If someone invites you to platoon

  • You will see a green notification on the menu button and chat button in the Garage screen.

  • All you have to do is open one of the two and tap the name of the person inviting you to join their platoon. You will be asked to confirm this.

What do I get from playing in a Platoon?

Co-operation increases your chance of victory but that’s not all it brings! If you go to the Menu and then tap Service Record you can find a list of special medals and awards available exclusively for those who play in platoons. Why not add them to your collection?

Where can I find Platoon mates?

Had a great battle with a random player? Consider adding them to your friends’ list and creating a platoon! You could also use the in-game Chat or Forum to find yourself some allies!

Tips on how to Play in a Platoon

  • Choosing tanks of similar tiers will help create matches that are evenly stacked with comparable enemy players. If your Platoon’s tiers are mismatched, low tier vehicles could get dragged up to higher tier games, leaving your whole team with a significant disadvantage. – think before you battle!

  • Always be aware of the strengths and weaknesses of your vehicles. For example, a heavy tank can be great for drawing enemy attention, while a medium tank can prove useful in flanking enemy tanks. Learning which combinations of vehicle classes perform well in a Platoon can help you coordinate your attack, and boost your chance of victory.
  • Try to keep your tanks alive! If a teammate is almost destroyed, but yours has full hit points, use it to distract the enemy and save your friend. Two tanks with 50% hit points are better than one with 100%. Remember – a good tanker never leaves a friend behind!
  • One of the best techniques that Platoons can employ is focused fire. When multiple members of your team focus on and fire at a single enemy, you can quickly eliminate the competition.
  • Try to destroy hostile vehicles no matter how many hit points they have left. An enemy tank with 1% hit points is still just as dangerous as one with 100%.
  • Cooperation can be the key to victory. Use Chat to stay in touch with your teammates and react to the developments of the battle effectively. Not enough time to chat? You can always rely on the quick commands (bottom right corner of the battle screen).

Mobilize your Platoon!