Guide to Premium Tanks


Have you ever asked yourself what Premium tanks actually are and why they’re so special when compared to standard vehicles? Today we will answer the most important questions about them.


Where can I get Premium tanks?

Premium tanks can be obtained in two different sections of the game client. You can find most of them in the tech tree but some premium vehicles are only purchasable via special packages in the Blitz Store (the shopping cart in the top right corner in the garage).

Please note, the range of available Premium tanks in the Blitz store will change on a regular basis. Be sure to check the store frequently in case something rare is making a guest appearance!


What advantages do Premium tanks have?

There are many reasons why a premium vehicle is a smart investment:


  • They are elite vehicles from the start, nothing has to be researched.
  • As elite vehicles, the XP they earn can be converted to Free Experience by using Gold.  Free XP is not restricted for use on the tank that has earned it.
  • After purchase, they already have a crew with a 100 % Mastery level.
  • They have a higher credit income and lower repair cost than standard vehicles


Please also keep in mind that some premium vehicles have special matchmaking, like the Panther/M10 (Tier VII) that only sees enemies up to Tier VIII (unless you are in a platoon with a standard Tier VII tank). However, the T2 Light Tank (Tier II) can encounter enemies up to Tier IV – in this case, due to its high speed.

Premium vehicles are on par performance-wise with standard vehicles, meaning that you neither get an unfair advantage, nor are you inferior to other vehicles of your tier.


Can I get Premium tanks without paying with real currency?

Yes, you can participate in contests in which you can win gold or, on occasion, Premium tanks. Keep looking for them in our official forums and on our portal.

Want to know about the benefits of gold? Read our guide to gold for further information and keep on the lookout for even more guides, coming soon!