GUIDE: Sharing Stats on Facebook


We all have those games that are so epic our first instinct is to tell everyone about them! It is fortunate that World of Tanks Blitz has a built-in Facebook sharing feature, so here is a quick guide on how to show off your skills!

(1)    Link your Facebook account with your World of Tanks Blitz account

  • Go to the Menu then click on “Profile”
  • In “Profile”, follow the instructions to connect your Facebook Account to World of Tanks Blitz 



(2)    You are now ready to get into battle and start racking up the XP! When you have a favourable result…

(3)    …on the results screen, click the Facebook icon that appears in the top-right corner!

There you go! This is how it will look on Facebook. Now everyone can see what a boss you are.

Once you have linked your Facebook account with World of Tanks Blitz, you should not have to repeat steps (1) and (2) and can skip straight to step (3).


Happy sharing!