GUIDE: Special Missions

In early August 2015, a new kind of in-game event appeared in World of Tanks Blitz. It is called Special Missions and you may have spotted its first iteration - the event “Rapid Fire”. Here’s all you need to know about this new kind of in-game activity and how you can take advantage of it:

What is a Special Mission?

A Special Mission is a kind of quick task that can be completed in-game for a limited time only. Special Missions will be conveyed to you via an in-game or portal news article. If you are a regular checker of the news, you’ll see the latest one and will be able to take action accordingly.



Why should I care?

Special Missions are a really easy way to help you progress through the tech-tree. This is because successful completion comes with a reward like a boost of XP on the tank you are playing, or a stack of useful credits to help you purchase the next tank in line.


How do I know if I have completed one?

You’ll know if you have completed a Special Mission when you check the Battle Results screen after playing. As you can see in the screenshot below, there is a row called “Reward for mission completed” – this is where your reward will be credited.

Please Note!

In the event you complete a special and a regular mission in the same battle, the value displayed in the "Reward for missions completed" row will display the combined value of both rewards.



How do Special and Battle Missions differ?

Special Missions are available to all players regardless of their in-game progress, but they are only active for a short amount of time.

On the other hand, Battle Missions are more permanent. They can be completed, skipped or saved until a later point, and they may change on a day-to-day basis. You can check which Battle Missions you currently have available by clicking on the Missions button in the Garage Screen. These will have tougher requirements than your average Special Mission, but your rewards will be greater. Some Battle Missions are pretty gruelling but you can even win Gold. Battle Missions are linked to your progress, so you won’t receive a mission you cannot complete - e.g. while you have only U.K tanks, you will never get a mission available to U.S. tanks only.



Special Missions are a highly useful way of progressing through the game and measuring your own development as a player. They are relatively easy to complete - just be sure to check the in-game news for your current objectives!