GUIDE: Vehicle Classes

World of Tanks Blitz features four classes of vehicle. There are three main combat types used in the game (medium tanks, heavy tanks, and tank destroyers) and then there are the light tanks which often act as a support class. Each type has its own technical characteristics that determine its role and performance in the field.

For more information on each class go to the World of Tanks Blitz Tankopedia.

Light Tanks

When you begin playing World of Tanks Blitz you have access to the Tier I light tanks - each nation's most basic armoured vehicles. They usually are small in size and low in weight with thin armour, moderate firepower and decent speed characteristics. You will play against opponents mostly in light tanks in low-tier battles. There are no light tanks above the Tier IV A-20 in the Soviet Tech Tree, so as soon as you reach mid-level battles you’ll rarely face them in combat.

You have to act wisely when playing in the Tier IV A-20 against medium and heavy opponents. Your main goal is to help your medium and heavy allies by hunting down and detecting your enemies. Light tanks are also good to use as distractions: try sweeping in behind the other team’s defenders and attacking their weak rear armour. If the battle unfolds far from the base, launch an attack to turn the enemy’s attention away from the main threat, then quickly get back to your allies.


Medium Tanks

Medium tanks appear in mid- and top-tier battles. These are universal and versatile machines capable of performing multiple combat roles based on the situation and the alignment of forces. Coordination with the rest of the team is crucial when playing medium tanks, as several of them acting together are, at times, more threatening to the enemy than a superior lone vehicle. They are more agile than heavy tanks and can quickly relocate to support a weak front needing extra firepower or to defend the base.


Heavy Tanks

Heavy tanks are well-armoured, slow vehicles with powerful guns. They are best used for spearheading attacks and are good for protecting allies. Their extreme strength enables you to breach a hostile defence or deny the enemy routes of attack. However, due to their slow speed and sluggishness, heavy tanks are vulnerable to agile vehicles in close-range combat. They have thick frontal armour, lighter armour on the sides and are weakest at the rear, which should be taken into consideration when playing against or with them.


Tank Destroyers

Tank destroyers have the most powerful weapons of all the vehicle types present in the game and are able to penetrate most targets they encounter. They lack a turret (in most cases) and therefore must traverse on the spot to track, aim and fire at targets. It’s better for tank destroyers to assault from an ambush position or to cover most of the battlefield by ensuring they stay hidden from more manoeuvrable and agile enemies. When playing in a tank destroyer, pick a position for an effective ambush so that your hull is not spotted by the enemies. Hide in the bushes to conceal your location and relocate if you are spotted. When your team is close to victory, roll out onto the battlefield and finish off the enemy.