GUIDE: Consumables

The line between Victory and Defeat is often a thin one. Experienced tankers know that sometimes you need every possible advantage to get ahead of the competition and destroy your enemies. Consumables can help you gain that edge and ensure you keep on rolling.

You can carry up to three different consumables in a single tank. They are available for purchase and installation by clicking the Consumables button in the Garage. Each item comes with a detailed description and provides either a single effect (like healing an injured crew member) or a bonus that lasts the whole match (like increasing the effect of Crew Skills by 10%).

Manual Fire Extinguisher: Don’t get all fired up! Extinguishers help stop those occasional fires before they do too much damage. Can be used once during a battle to put out a fire on use.

First Aid Kit: Your crew is the life and soul of your tank – keep them healthy! First Aid Kits heal all injured crew members, keeping your tank functioning just the way it should. Can be used once during a battle.

Repair Kit: There’s nothing worse than getting tracked or having a useful module stop functioning because it’s been hit. Repair Kits restore all damaged modules up to 100%. Can be used once during a battle.

Engine Power Boost: You’ve got the power! Engine Power Boost is really handy when you need an extra push – it increases engine power by 30% for 30 seconds. Can be used once during a battle.

Adrenaline: Furious fast-paced battling requires an adrenaline rush. This consumable increases reloading speed by 25% for 30 seconds. It also boosts the chances of damaging enemy modules by 10%. Can be used once during a battle.

Multi-purpose Restoration Pack: For when things are really not going your way, this consumable heals injured crew members, repairs damaged modules and extinguishes fires, so you can pick yourself up and hit back full force! Can be used multiple times in a single battle but is costly.


Extra Combat Rations / Chocolate / Case of Cola / Pudding and Tea (varies by nation): We all know that a little something sweet is a great way of boosting morale. These tasty treats are specific to nation and increase crew skills by 10% until the end of battle.

You can also select ‘Resupply Automatically’ in the Consumables section, sparing you the trouble of restoring used consumables after each battle. When purchasing consumables, keep in mind that their costs will be dependent on the Tier of tank they’re being used on.

If all three consumable slots on a particular tank are filled with items, you may sell a consumable to free up a space and receive full price compensation for it. If you sell a tank, the price of the installed consumables is automatically compensated as well.

So what are you waiting for? Experiment with different consumables to supercharge your tanking potential and get ahead of the enemy!