Research, Progression and Upgrades

World of Tanks Blitz features over ninety vehicles from three different nations. Each player begins with pre-World War II, Tier I machines that have thin armour and weak armaments, but are really fun to play. Participation in Random Battles earns you credits and experience. The better you perform during a battle, the more you earn. Experience and Credits can be used to unlock new modules for tanks you own and new tanks in the Tech Tree, starting with low-level light tanks and ending up with the powerful top-tier vehicles of the post-war era.

For more information on vehicles available in World of Tanks Blitz go to the World of Tanks Blitz Encyclopedia.



A player gets all Tier I tanks with the game’s default settings. You can modify your machine by changing its modules such as its gun, turret, chassis and engine. Once you have enough XP to research a new module it will be automatically installed on your vehicle. Research of advanced vehicles requires a lot experience, which is gained in combat. All research-related options are available in the Upgrades window.

The Upgrades window also enables you to sell current machines and research next-tier vehicles. As soon as you have enough XP and have all the necessary modules unlocked, you can research the next tank in the Tech Tree. If you lack experience points, you can use Free Experience.



Once all the necessary research for a tank is complete, it will become available for purchase with Credits. Make sure your Garage has a free slot for it. If it doesn’t, you can sell one of your current tanks or buy an additional slot with in-game Gold.