Challenger’s Challenge #1

Richard “The Challenger” Cutland is Wargaming’s Military Specialist for the European region. An ex-tanker in the British Army, Richard joined Wargaming in 2012. He works and advises on military and historical content for the company, interacts with fans at events and via social media, and presents Inside the Tanks – a video series that takes you on a tour of the legendary tanks of the past. 



Recently, Richard asked you the following question on Facebook.

"The interior of the KV-1 located in The Tank Museum, Bovington England is not accessible for what reason? Hint: a while back we prepared a piece of content that may tell you why."



“The Radio luminescent dials, used to make them glow in the dark, were broken. Thus prompting the Tank Museum to seal off the tank, as the broken dials emit a touch of radiation. Even more modern tanks, such as the Chieftain, used the radioactive compound TRILUX for "glow in the dark" on the depression indicators. If they ever broke, the crew had to immediately abandon the vehicle. Check out the video we made on this very tank.”

Well done if you knew the answer too! Do you have a question for The Challenger? Ask him in the comments!

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